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Thailand’s Ramathibodhi TumorBiobank, a SuccessfulCancer Diagnosis &Drug DevelopmentPlatform

Ramathibodi Comprehensive Tumor Biobank is a leading biological specimen storage platform in Thailand and successfully discovered specific biomarkers related to second primary malignancies in HNSCC and are undergoing the development of 3D cancer organoids.
In addition, a real time clinical database was created by Ramathibodhi Cancer Registry in order to ensure a speed and efficient research for better diagnosis and cancer treatment.
This platform has signed a MOU agreement with Yonsei University in South Korea and recently has a research programme in Drug Development with WHO ECDD and further plan to collaborate with Thai National Cancer Center.

Ramathibodi Comprehensive Tumor Biobank outline

Ramathibodi Comprehensive Tumor Biobank is a central biorepository platform of biological specimens from cancer patients who undergo treatment at Ramathibodi hospital, the top university hospital in Thailand. This platform was established in 2014 under Ramathibodi Comprehensive Cancer Center for the purpose of developing better diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.

How the samples are being collected and used

Currently, the biological specimens that are stored in the Tumor Biobank was compiled from more than 16,000 samples from over 2000 patients. The biological specimens from each patient was collected in the form of fresh frozen tissues, serum, plasma, buffy coat, and other bodily fluids. These samples are being used by clinical professors, medical doctor, scientists and researchers for in-depth studies of molecular biology cancer research such as translational medicine, biomarkers and development of 3D cancerorganoids for retinoblastoma.……

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