Digital Business

With the goal to be a "Health-tech Company" that transcends the framework of CRO/SMO operations that we have cultivated, we will accelerate DX (digital transformation) in the pharmaceutical and medical industries through "progressive IT" such as contracted development of XR including VR and AR, and Metaverse planning and development.
We have launched a new digital business to realize our value “Invent the future with technology and change the world. REMEDY through innovation” at our best effort possible.

Remedy Group - About Digital Business


    We utilize and provide an in-house developed system called "MUGEN Platform" to improve the efficiency of clinical trials and pharmaceuticals to our clients.

    About MUGEN Platform

    • In-house developed CRO system
      We have developed an easy-to-use, compact system by condensing the knowledge we have cultivated in the CRO business and extracting and selected functions which are necessary.
    • Immediate system implementation
      We can implement an EDC system in minimum of 1 month. System construction costs can also be optimized depends on the client’s needs.

    An overview of MUGEN Platform is available in the following video.

  • XR/Metaverse Business

    We provide contents development of XR content for pharmaceutical and medical institutions.

    About Examples of Contents

    XR Educational Content Production

    • Employee training materials
    • Patient simulation XR contents for medical staff training, etc.

    Metaverse platform services

    • Meetings for panel discussions and conferences, etc.
    • Sales and communication tools

    Haptic device linked content production

    • Verification of rehabilitation effects linked with tracking function using haptics gloves
    • Contents utilize tactile feedback (animal therapy, etc.)
    Haptics gloves


    Each development services are available as a one-stop full service from requirement definition to release and maintenance.

    • Planning
    • Requirement Definition
    • Design
    • Programming
    • Test
    • Release and Maintenance

    Our Consultation Service

About Our Proprietary Metaverse Platform

Our Metaverse platform provides the following features

  • Voice call function through avatar
  • Avatar reactions
  • Screen sharing of PCs
  • Privacy protection function (under development)
  • Support for VR goggles

* Additional features under development.

Our focus is to promote the application of the Metaverse Platform to DCT(#1) and VCT(#2). By combining the Metaverse with our MUGEN Platform, we aim to promote various DX services in clinical trials utilizing digital technology.

Definition explained;

  • #1 What is DCT?
    DCT stands for "Decentralized Clinical Trial"
  • #2 What is VCT?
    VCT stands for "Virtual Clinical Trials"