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For hospitals and related organizations, “Metaverse Counseling Support Service” (provisional name) was launched July 13th by Remedy & Company Corporation

Remedy & Company Corporation (Tokyo, Chiyoda, CEO and Founder Masakuni Ukita) launched for sale the “Metaverse Counseling Support Service” (provisional name) for hospitals and related organizations. The virtual space "Metaverse Counseling Support Service" (provisional name) on the platform “DOOR” provided by NTT QONOQ, INC. which enables medical professionals from welcoming to giving counseling on the Metaverse, available for sale from Thursday, July 13th.
This service platform is designed to support from welcome users to assign them to the appropriate medical professional.

The “Metaverse Counseling Support Service” (provisional name) offers the potential to cover a wide range of client’s needs, from welcoming users to billing, enhanced with the customizable virtual space and the variety of avatars available.

We promote the use of digital technology to solve the problems faced by hospitals, such as cost, and time effectiveness from welcoming visitors, and the orientation to the appropriate professional to ask for consultation.
In addition, visitors who receive counseling can use the anonymity that is a feature of the Metaverse to discuss their concerns about their health without revealing their name or face. They can get the opportunity to receive appropriate medical care.

By expanding the use of digital technology in the medical industry, including this service, each person will feel closer to healthcare than they do now, and will have the opportunity to detect diseases early, treat them early, and choose appropriate medical care. We believe that we can realize a future that will lead to the elimination of medical disparities.

Remedy & Company Corporation will continue to develop services through digital technology like Metaverse and expand our business to realize our vision of a "society where each person can choose the appropriate treatment".

【 Service description 】

Service name: The “Metaverse Counseling Support Service” (provisional name)
Seller: Remedy & Company Corporation
Target: Hospitals and related organizations
Price: Initial installation fee from 200,000 yen
*Please consult us if you need additional operational support.
Sales start: July 13, 2023 (Thursday)
Contact: Please send inquiries to the following e-mail address

About Remedy & Company:
Remedy & Company Corporation (formerly known as intellim Holdings Corporation) was established in 2018.
Its predecessor, intellim Corporation, which was founded in 2005 with main aim of developing CRO business.
Subsequently, intellim Holdings Corporation (now known as Remedy & Company Corporation) was established in 2018 as the core driving intellim Corporation and other group companies in Japan and abroad to create innovative solutions in drug development within Japan and abroad.
In April 2022, the company changed its name to Remedy & Company Corporation and made a new start with the goal of becoming a global health tech platform that transcends the boundaries of a CRO. Remedy & Company Corporation oversees group companies including intellim Corporation, iRIS Corporation, Quantum Healthcare Corporation and Remedy XR Corporation, and its business objective is to achieve further growth for the world, healthcare, and customers, while utilizing the latest technology and innovation.
Head office moved to the TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower in January 2023.
Remedy group currently has offices in 8 countries. (as of July 2023)

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