Corporate Information


2005 August intellim Corporation is founded (Head Office Osaka; Branch Office Tokyo)
2008 January Tokyo Clinical Development Center is established and CRO Business launches
April Osaka Clinical Development Center is opened
2011 November Dr. Nagahiro Saijo is invited as Medical Adviser
2012 May Taiwan Office established
September intellim Korea established
2015 October Dr. Akio Urabe is invited as Medical Adviser
2017 September intellim Corporation moves Head Office to Tokyo
2018 March Malaysian Governmental NPO Organization, CRM(Clinical Research Malaysia) and intellim execute a basic agreement on Drug Development Support
April intellim Holdings Corporation (now Remedy & Company Corporation) is founded
June intellim Malaysia is founded
2019 June Quantum Healthcare Corporation is founded
October intellim Thailand is founded
2020 June intellim Vietnam is founded
2021 February Prof. Hideyuki Okano is invited as Medical Adviser
2022 April intellim Holdings Corporation changes its name to Remedy & Company Corporation
2022 June Remedy XR Corporation is founded
2023 January

Remedy & Company Corporation moves Head Office to TOKYO TORCH Tokiwabashi Tower

Remedy & Company Bangladesh is founded

October Prof. Shigeru Kohno is invited as a Medical Adveiser
November Remedy & Company Oceania is founded