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Notice of Corporate Website Fully Revamped  - Remedy & Company Corporation -

Remedy & Company Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Founder and CEO Masakuni Ukita) is pleased to announce the fully renewal of its corporate website.

In the renewal of our corporate website, we emphasized our mission, "REMEDY through innovation, changing the world, creating the future with technology.
We aimed to create a user-friendly site that allows visitors to easily find the information they need. We will strive to provide more useful information and expand the contents of this site for our visitors. We will continue to provide more useful information and expand the contents of the site.

In December next month, we plan to renew the Remedy Group's recruitment website for the purpose of further disseminating recruitment information.

Remedy & Company Corporation – Corporate Site

https://www.remedy-company.com/en/ (English Language)
https://www.remedy-company.com/ (Japanese Language)

Due to renewal

  • The digest of the corporate video shown on the upper part of the top page appeals our company’s global strategy perspectives, activities to be presented in a short contents.
  • The site is designed to make it easy for customers to find useful information.
  • The entire site was designed to be consistent with the corporate brand by using the color scheme of the logo as the base color.



The main contents of the site

・【Remedy & Company】Corporate Video (Running time 5:08) (*Japanese Language only)
Our corporate video, which has been available since this August, can be viewed by one slick on the middle section of the top page. The video introduces the Remedy Group in detail, including our philosophy of becoming a global health tech platform and our business perspectives for the future.

Corporate Video 1
Corporate Video 2
【Click on the middle section of the top page to play the corporate video】

・We will continue to expand the content of our own columns and owned media.

Global Newsletter (formerly the "Asian Newsletter"): is an e-mail newsletter that provides information on the latest healthcare systems and pharmaceutical regulations in various countries around the world.

Regenerative Medicine Column: This column provides detailed explanations of regenerative medicine itself and related laws and regulations.
This column has been well received by many people, including medical professionals.

LiGHTHOUSE: is our owned media launched in March 2019. It introduces seasonal topics in the industry, interviews with our employees, how we work, and our in-house training system.

Column Page: Global Newsletter and Regenerative Medicine Column

【Column Page: Global Newsletter and Regenerative Medicine Column】

About Remedy & Company:
Remedy & Company Corporation (formerly known as intellim Holdings Corporation) was established in 2018. Its predecessor, intellim Corporation, which was founded in 2005 with main aim of developing CRO business. Subsequently, intellim Holdings Corporation (now known as Remedy & Company Corporation) was established in 2018 as the core driving intellim Corporation and other group companies in Japan and abroad to create innovative solutions in drug development within Japan and abroad.
In April 2022, the company changed its name to Remedy & Company Corporation and made a new start with the goal of becoming a global health tech platform that transcends the boundaries of a CRO.
Remedy oversees group companies including intellim Corporation, iRIS Corporation, Quantum Healthcare Corporation and Remedy XR Corporation, and its business objective is to achieve further growth for the world, healthcare, and customers, while utilizing the latest technology and innovation.
We currently have offices in 7 countries. (as of November 2022)
For more information, please visit our website: https://www.remedy-company.com/en/

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